Kaseya Scripting Used in Network Upgrade Project

It is truly rewarding to hear the creative ways Kaseya is being used to leverage time, resources, and quality control.  

Here is a great post from Rob Buttoworth of Custard Group on his Alien Technology blog.  My favorite is his use of Kaseya to make a registry change on each computer to insure SQL continued to work properly.  Here is a little excerpt:

I setup an old HP ML110 Server with 2GB Ram *COUGH PC* and made it a DC then transfered the FSMO roles. That’s fine… I connected our drobo to it and remade all the shares, I then used Kaseya to repoint everybody’s mapped drives to this instantly. I also moved our SQL database and made a Kaseya script to change a registry entry which people use for our Custard Jennifer system. Once all that was done all seemed fine still. – read the rest

Rob, thanks again for the post.  Kaseya’s IT Automation capabilities are unparalleled in my opinion and this is a great example.

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