Gartner Says: IT Services Not At Risk

I continue to see articles about the increase in IT spending for 2009.  With organizations on the look-out for effeciency increases, IT spending is projected to increase in 2009.  Especially to help offset the ever increasing lay-off trend.  

Gartner, which is sticking to it’s Oct. 13 forecast of 2.3% increase… sees IT as too embedded in mission-critical activities to be slashed and burned by the current recession. via-Reuters

Kaseya’s IT Automation solution has allowed the “do more with less” dream come to life for many.  In fact, I would enjoy hearing from those out there who might like to tell their story or share with others how Kaseya has changed your life

Let’s setup an an interview!  Any Kaseya client who has been able to do “more with less” contact me.  After the interview I will post it on the blog in both audio and text format for all to hear. 

If you are interested in an interview send me a message: chad.gniffke(theatsign)

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