Seamless Endpoint Security, Instant Virtualization and Real-Time Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery 3.0 (BU-DR) and Endpoint Security 2.0 will be rolling out shortly!

I have personally used both of the upgraded products and must say that there are some good nuggets in there.  I am particulally anxious to hear some success stories come from some of the new BU-DR enhancements.

Here is a summarized breakdown of the new features.

Kaseya Endpoint Security V2.0
Further enhancing the Kaseya Endpoint Security solution, KES V2.0 provides simple and easy deployment, world class performance and superior memory utilization. New features include:

  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Rootkit Detection
  • Servers, Workstations and Exchange Mailbox Protection
  • AVG 8.0 File Server Edition Technology
  • Advanced Threat Handling and Reporting
  • Centralized Management

Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery V3.0
Extending Kaseya ‘s backup and disaster recovery capabilities, Kaseya BU/DR V3.0 incorporates new flexible methods for easy and quick recovery:

  • Incremental Forever Backup Options
  • Synthetic Full Backups
  • Automatic Image Virtualization Recovery
  • VSS Support
  • Dynamic Disk Restoration
  • Encryption Options for Backup Images
  • Windows 2008 Server 64-Bit Support

KES 2.0 is available immediately to new customers and any current KES 1.x customer needing the upgrade earlier than it would be made available via the new rolling upgrade process we are introducing with this release. As this rolling upgrade process proceeds, we will be contacting each customer via email with instructions on how to download and install the upgrade.  Look for the email during the month of December.  If you have any question, contact your Kaseya sales representative.

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