Veteran Kaseya User Integrates Kaseya and Twitter!

Today we have a guest post from David Heinen.  David works for Radical Support as an IT Service Provider in Atlanta, GA.  Radical Support has been using Kaseya for about 4 years and David is the tech "unofficially" in charge of finding new and useful ways to use Kaseya.  Lately, he has been experimenting with a Kaseya/Twitter integration project that I was extremely excited about.  

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, it is a micro-blogging service allowing posts of 140 characters or less. It’s great for conveying short thoughts via text messages or Twitter clients. That’s actually how I got here, I started talking to @chadgniffke about my experiences with Kaseya. In addition to using it for communicating with people, I have been using it to keep up with RSS feeds, using a tool called TwitterFeed. It monitors RSS feeds and submits their contents to a Twitter account of your choosing. I’ve created TwitterFeeds to keep track of my Facebook friend’s status, my BookMooch wish list, and new deals posted to

Once I got all this working, I was thinking "Wouldn’t it be great if Kaseya could alert me via Twitter?"  I Googled and found many disposable email services that provided RSS feeds as a way of checking for new mail. I settled on MailCatch and set up our Kaseya server to send server down alert emails to my disposable email address at MailCatch. Then I set up TwitterFeed to monitor the MailCatch RSS feed, and I was all set. Although there are a few hoops, I now get server down alerts posted to @kaseyanotify on Twitter.

Now anyone monitoring servers after-hours, at Radical Support, can follow @kaseyanotify and choose to receive those alerts via text messages,, or through Twitter applications available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Palm.  And you don’t have to broadcast these messages to the world either, I have @kaseyanotify set up to be a protected feed, so only Radical Support employees are allowed to follow it.

To summarize here are the tools you need to make this happen:

  1. Disposable email account
  2. Twitter account
  3. Twitterfeed account

That’s my great idea for this week. If you have any better ideas or methods for Kaseya integration with RSS or Twitter, let me know in the comments!

David has utilized third party services to create a scalable notification system that is device agnostic, manageable, and extremely scalable.  Thanks David for sharing your unique notification solution with us.  I love it!

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2 thoughts on “Veteran Kaseya User Integrates Kaseya and Twitter!

  1. Thanks for this! What a great implementation of Twitter use! Now I can monitor servers quietly without my manager having to be notified as well.

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