Kaseya Just Might Make Obama's Job Easier

When President-Elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office Jan. 20, he will do so amid great expectations. Seldom has a new administration entered the White House with so much weight on its shoulders.

Whether you love green initatives or disagree with them, they are here to stay.  As President-Elect Barack Obama enters office I am ancticipating many new green initatives will be put into affect like this one from the state of Georgia which "…gives employers tax credits of up to $1,200 per employee who telecommutes." The Channel Insider did a great write-up titled: IT Has Great Green Expectations for Obama.  

Under the Obama administration, you can expect green initiatives to move from being environmentally conscious and usually cost-saving programs, pursued by enlightened companies, to being aggressive mandates for just about everyone," says Gerald Blackie, CEO of managed services platform vendor Kaseya.

With the continued advances in Kaseya’s User State Management application it will be very easy for Kaseya administrators to implement and manage an energy savings plan throughout the network.  The KUSM addition doesn’t stop at energy savings, but rather continues into the development of standardizing, managing, and backing up individual machine personalities like corporate wallpaper, IE favorites, screensaver, and more.     Start considering how you will implement the new requirements that will be placed on your desk shortly by management. [via: ChannelInsider.com]

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