What Can The Kaseya Blog Do For You?

K ImageWith 2009 in full swing I am analyzing everything I do in both personal and business.  One of the items on my list is the Kaseya  blog.  Here are my goals for the blog in 2009:

  1. Provide valuable Kaseya tips, tricks, and insight
  2. Provide knowledge and information that will help IT support representatives in their daily work lives (not necessarily Kaseya related, but IT related)
  3. Provide IT Service provider with business resources
  4. Increase the third party involvement by having additional guest blogger’s and partnerships with other writers on the Internet.
  5. Make the blog more "fun"

Some of these goals may be too broad, so I was hoping to solicit some feedback from you, the reader.  What would like the Kaseya blog to do in 2009?

4 thoughts on “What Can The Kaseya Blog Do For You?

  1. Keep a status of all road map items and more importantly, support items. If there is a problem, let us know about it before we find out and throw some work-around and fixes up in the text.

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