Kaseya Tip: Keep Your Users In The Loop

We all know that the automation within Kaseya is amazing.  It is used to backup, scan, check, verify, run, and respond to just about anything you can think of on a computer.  The problem sometimes is that we use Kaseya for amazing things without telling the people using the computer

There are a few principals I always try and maintain when supporting networks:

Keep the people you support informed at all times and in advance.  Expectation is everything.  If you are running system maintenance, doing a reboot, or running a system wide anything you will dodge a tremendous amount of frustration and grief from your users if you make them aware in advance.  If you can muster a 2-5 day advance notice with the time of day/night you typically won’t hear a single complaint. 

Be as close to a click away as possible.  There are many ways to get in touch with people today and when someone needs help with their computer, they don’t want to rely on just one means of communication.  Making it easy and efficient for people to get help is the key to a happy network.  Take some time to reevaluate how you receive and process help requests and see if you can’t widen your options a bit without losing control of your tickets.  With people being more mobile, perhaps you can play around with Twitter?

Let everyone know when you did something awesome, but be subtle.  If you are familiar with the Kaseya scripting engine (or tab) you may have noticed the screen pop option which let’s you send a customized message to each system you support.  Hopefully, you use Kaseya to perform regular proactive maintenance.  If you do, at the end of each script or groups of scripts run the screen pop option with a message somewhat like this: "While you were sleeping your IT department (or company name if you are an ITSP) made sure that your systems were running efficiently and secure.  If you require any assistance please don’t hesitate to call – (555)123-4567."  The people you support will appreciate the heads up and may even come by your office to say thanks.  For the IT service providers reading this, it is a great way of letting each and every person you support who you are so that they can refer you new business.

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