Being "IT" Lazy Will Catch Up With You

Today I spoke with a friend and Kaseya user who just aquired a new client. Unlike most new client aquisitions, the previous IT service provider was also using Kaseya. Kaseya users, around the globe, are typically some of the most successful service providers in their niche. As I listened to my friend describe some of the network issues he found within the first week (including machines that had not been patched for a year) it frustrated me! Here was a Kaseya client who had invested in our application only to fail to use it properly and service their client well.

I speak to successful service providers all the time who sing the praises of the Kaseya solution. What I feel many forget is that Kaseya provides network admins the ability to make their computers and servers awesome only when adequate time, process development, and discipline are established to maintain and run it properly. This is a critical step in utilizing Kaseya to arrive at success.

In closing, if you have not looked at your patching schedules, baseline audits, endpoint secuirity statuses, or even your total install base in a while, I encourage you to sit down and do a little quality control. Whether you are an ITSP or employed full-time to manage a network, it is your responsibility to make sure the system statuses are AWESOME and nothing less.

Don’t be the company or admin that installed Kaseya 6-months ago and hasn’t really looked at it since. I can tell you for certain that it was not designed for that.

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