3 thoughts on “Look What People Are Saying About Kaseya!

  1. Hi Chad,

    Been a Kaseya customer for almost 4 years. Is there someone we can talk with to get a better understanding of the changes in the Roadmap?

  2. I like Kaseya but the support could be better. Ever since you stopped taking support tickets through email, it has gone down hill. The web portal is so slow and cumbersome. when you have to stop typing every few seconds so the text filling in can catch up with you, that is a problem. Also it is a real pain to have to log into a portal to submitt a ticket instead of sending in an email. Every other vendor I use has email support.

    Finally the level of support for portal tickets has been horrible. It takes days and days to hear anything back. The tier 1 is in some other country and they dont understand what you are trying to say, so on average it take about a week of going back an forth before they can understand what I have written in. It takes way to long and is way to frustrating. The upper level support is great, but you have to yell or wait for weeks to speak with them. The support used to be much better, but now it is the worst of all my vendors.

    The product itself is good though. Switching to K2 was a nightmare, but now that it is stable it is a good product. The integration of the different modules is great

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