The Revolution: Upgrade Your IT Business

WOW!  What an incredible 48 hours.  On Monday and Tuesday night I participated in the Kaseya Revolution Sessions with Gary Pica.  On Monday I traveled to downtown Seattle to enjoy a night high above the city a’top the famous Space Needle.  As we waited for guests to arrive I began to wonder what type of response Gary’s message would have.  Would people get it?  Would they be ready to put in the time and money necessary to take their service offering and business to next level?  How many people would show up?  To my surprise, when it was time to begin, the room was packed!  People were drinking, eating, and talking about their business, their service philosophy, as well as anticipating what new insight they might receive that evening from Gary. 

Now Gary is the opposite of your run-of-the-mill ra-ra motivational speaker who many times use pure hype and very little fact.  He is the real deal.  As I sat and listened to Gary tell his story about how his business started, how it failed, how he struggled, and then finally how his steadfast approach and self discipline shot him beyond his competitors to build one of the most successful IT firms in the world.  I was inspired.  Throughout the evening you could see the audience turn and look at their business partner with an "I told you so" or "we are doing it wrong" glance that was both humorous and fantastic.  Many people were making notes at rapid speeds trying to keep up with Gary’s nuggets of wisdom.  I loved every minute of it.

As I listened to Gary the hour blew by.  His points on the importance of leadership, vision, processes, and the three components that every IT service company needs was insightful, thought provoking, and in some cases pieces of IT-business-gold that every service provider should know.  You see Gary spent the past 12 years falling down over and over again only to find small pieces of success each time he got up.  I highly recommend you come and hear his story.

So tonight it is off to the races again. I will be with Gary again tonight in Orange County and again on Thursday night in Dallas.  It is not too late to register for either and we are planning additional trips this year throughout the US.

Register online at to join us.  By the way there’s FREE food and drinks 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Revolution: Upgrade Your IT Business

  1. So there we go,

    I installed kaseya

    it actually blocked my server processes without announcing or anything like that

    maybe this wonderfull piece of software isn’t for us

    we got about 120 thousands clients with about 10 thousand servers.

    but you don’t want to enroll this for trying,

    if you just get blocked?

    I hope you read this

    because I really think your product is great.

    but really, would liked you a _lot_more if you told us that you are blocking everything once installed



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