Keep Your Coins, I Want Change

In the IT world change is a constant.  Everything is always changing.  It’s the reasons ITSP’s and IT departments exist.  If it weren’t for change none of us would be needed.  You would just purchase something configure it, (ok, maybe need an IT guy for that) and then it would just run.  Never breaking, never needing attention.  How boring  would that be?


The reality, IT is always changing and so as you serve your customers, internal or external, you must constantly decide what to do about the changes you can’t control and what to do with the change you can control. 

I want to challenge you on the change you can control and suggest that we don’t change enough!  It is easy to get bogged down, even overwhelmed with the barrage of changes coming in daily, to avoid looking for more. 

So now let’s get specific.  When was the last time you looked at your nightly scripts?  When was the last time you performed quality control on the following:

  • Backup schedules
  • Patching levels
  • Approved patches
  • Optional patches
  • Alert levels
  • Login scripts
  • Response times
  • SLA’s to your users

Looking for ways to improve any of these will help improve the quality of your service, give you edge over your competitors, drive revenue generation, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction, or just make your life easier.   

We often rest when things are “good enough”.  I challenge you to dig into areas in your IT Services practice and find the things that could use some change and then do it.  The Japanese call it “kaizen” or constant improvement.  I call it smart.

Brendan Cosgrove has over 12 years experience in IT, both on staff, and as a consultant.  Currently, through his company, the TECHgrove, Brendan does Executive Technology Coaching and blog/newsletter writing for ITSP’s across the country.  You can email him here or follow him on twitter here:

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