Does Kaseya Outsource Their Support?

This question has been bounced around for a while now and I thought I would post some facts and set the record straight.

Here are the details surrounding Kaseya support:

  1. Kaseya does not outsource their suppport
  2. All Kaseya support staff are employed by Kaseya (that means no contract employees)
  3. Kaseya is a global company and has a “follow the sun” support structure.  There is always someone on the support desk regardless of the time of day or night
  4. Currently there are support centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Austraila.

Hopefully this answers any questions.  For those of you who have asked for better support, more support, or quicker response times, I can honestly say that the executives have heard your requests (I have made sure of it) and change is in motion.

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