Surprise Announcement at Kaseya!

There is something new happening at the Kaseya User Conference.  Something frankly I wasn’t expecting until far into the future.  Want to hear what it is?  Watch this movie below!

14 thoughts on “Surprise Announcement at Kaseya!

  1. Was at the Kaseya conference in 2007 where Kaseya “announced” numerous new features, several being “imminent.” Still waiting on most of them, 2+ years later. Better luck this time, maybe reality will live up to the hype. Been around this game a long time. Pre-announcement = FUD.

  2. Kaseya Watcher,

    Thanks for the comment and I can appreciate your apprehension. The great thing about this announcement is that I have actually seen it live and working. There will obviously be a beta version, but you can be excited that the demonstration I am referring to is not vapor-ware 🙂 See you in Vegas!

  3. Having held in there for nearly 6 years as one of the first AU customers and being accustomed to some of the vapourware promises I can assure you I still have a little excitement brewing… Ive seen the new interface and that was exciting enough… Suspense is killing me.. I wish I had forked out the 6k to make the trip from AU now..

  4. I’m with KaseyaWatcher, after being at the last Kaseya Connect and seeing their product roadmap for 2009 but still empty handed I am not overly optimistic about getting anything.

    The CEO/Founder of Kaseya promised updates, I think it was a Kaseya SP, within 2 weeks of last years conference and I think it was over five months before fully working versions were realeased to the general public.

    I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid this time Kaseya! Make good on past promises before making new ones.

  5. Hopefully the surprise announcement is a support department that responds to your tickets within one day. A week would even be a welcomed improvement.

  6. I just hope they are features that we aren’t required to pay more for. Also, I want to hear about things that are ready to be released!

  7. Well, Chad, I, for one, am looking forward to a surprise announcement, especially something that is apparently ahead of schedule.

    While I understand some of the apprehension and service level concerns, it should also be pointed out that there are plenty of times where once service tickets were escalated we actually saw patches released not long after. So if we’re going to complain, let’s acknowledge as well – both are key components of partnership.

  8. I agree with the frustration expressed by KaseyaWatcher and the others – it’s important that vendors live-up to the promises they make to their user community. We are the economic engine of Kaseya, so hopefully they will take these concerns to heart.

    That being said, the Kaseya product is the best out there. Even if they don’t add a single more feature, it is mature enough for me to run a profitable MSP without the headache of a backend system that doesn’t work or doesn’t have the features I need to service my clients. What excites me about the future with Kaseya is that since I already have a solid core product that delivers what I want, everything else is just gravy.

    Looking forward to the announcement . . .

  9. Hmmmm…

    Hard to get excited. Been let down way too often.

    good chance it wont appear, and if it does, it’ll cost $$$.

    Hope our pessimism is not only understood, but proven wrong THIS time.

  10. This evening we had the pool party conference opener. I’ve heard a few people talking after the beer and the vodka and wine and think the announcement might be about a new replacement for VNC which Kaseya have developed.

    But then again it could just be the red wine talking….

  11. Has anyone heard more on this one yet? With everything being off schedule now will it be brought up today? If so, any ideas on when, or maybe we can get it published to this feed?

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