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  1. The IT world wants Windows Mobile. iPhone is behind the curve. Cut and Paste just barely became available. And AT&T coverage is not as good as Verizon.

  2. Oh how I wish this was an app that allowed easy access to system status, recent scripts, schedule new scripts on a machine, etc. Like many others, we don’t use the ticketing in Kaseya (we integrate with Autotask, and many others use ConnectWise).

  3. AMEN, Kevin! We chose Kaseya because their model beats LevelPlatforms any day… now if they could just stay focused on developing, deploying, and supporting that model as well as LevelPlatforms!

  4. Ditto to John Rutkowski – Windows Mobile would have made me very happy. Plus… Even if this app was released for WinMo, I’d still be a bit disappointed. Just like Justin said, we’re a ConnectWise shop, we already have mobile versions for ticketing. I would have been thrilled to see a mobile app that allowed access to agent status, monitoring and scripts.

    I’m sure it’s a great start towards getting us mobile access. But I’d like to see a survey that says how many Kaseya admins actually have an iPhone. Is this just jumping on the bandwagon because the iPhone is the cool platform these days? Or was this based on responses from actual customers?

  5. I guess that we now see where our renewal money went, toward developing something that we already have and paid for, and if you want it from Kaseya you have to pay for it UNless you were at the show. I can think of many things that need improvement in Kaseya than ticketing…

    I do want to be clear, Kaseya is still the BEST at Proactive IT by means of what I call “The Innovators Toolbox” But going out of the hedgehog here i think… with service desk.

  6. I would have thought they would focus on scripts, status, etc. I do use the iphone and I do use that functionality through the web browser today which is very useful.

  7. Raffi, the entire scripting section has been redeveloped in Kaseya 6. This is something that I believe you will truly enjoy.

    Alex, there are other ideas on the board for the iPhone, WinMo, & Symbian. The fun part for me is that Kaseya is starting to climb the mobile device mountain. The higher we get the better it becomes.

  8. One more thing,

    I love all of the comments. Both positive and negative feedback is welcome and I intend to leave it all up.

    I think what I learned from the conference was that Kaseya is here to stay. We are committed to face the music when necessary and do our best to continue providng the best possible products and services to our customers.

    I may have to write a post dedicated to this topic because even as employee of Kaseya I feel good things in the air.

    Thank you to all! Vegas was awesome.

  9. I agree with all the comments here, Kaseya should remain focused on what Kaseya is actually used for and that is managing pro-actively computer networks.

    We use AutoTask and already can access ticketing via mobile, and none of our techs have iphones so this is kind of a useless application.

    Now mobile access to scripts, event logs of machines, the alarm dashboard etc.. that would be good.

  10. The comments on this board amaze me. The service board is clearly aimed at the corporate clients, not the MSP’s. The real upshot is the new v6 framework. The new interface is great and the new single machine interface is going to make my Help Desk giddy. The number of updates and upgrades amazed me. While I will be the first in line to critique Kaseya on some of their short comings, I left the conference impressed with the direction of the company. My opinion is their hedgehog is doing just fine.

  11. @ Peter Briden
    Nobody said different. I know I’m certainly impressed with what came out of the conference. The reason we have a problem with this particular announcement is that it was hyped up so much but turned out to be mostly fluff. It was made out like it was going to be something amazing, a real game changer for Kaseya and their partners… And then it turns out to be something that a lot of us can’t even use (plus if we do want to use it, we have to pay for another module).

  12. Alex, Kevin, Carl, Eric, and others,

    I understand you may have felt less than amazed by this announcement. I don’t believe it was communicated as a game changer, but rather “something I was very excited about”. We have many customers who use our Ticketing Module and are looking forward to a stronger application within Kaseya. Service Desk fills this need and the iPhone app is just an added bonus. In fact, during the conference, many customers expressed excitement about this new module.

    What is truly exciting to me is that Kaseya is “learning” how to build a mobile application. I believe it is good business practice to do this on a module that is not yet business critical to the customers we serve. Once we gain a better understanding of the limitations and strengths the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and others provide it will better prepare us to build solutions that mimics that of the core functions of Kaseya. I look forward to that day.

    Thanks again for your comments. This is what the blog is for and we want to keep hearing your thoughts…

  13. Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the responses. I don’t want anyone at Kaseya to feel like this was a major problem. Personally, I’m just like a little kid who got himself excited about something. When it didn’t turn out to be something that I can use right now, I was disappointed. But that’s all focused on just this one app, this one announcement, this one post.

    I saw a dozen things in the Kaseya09 videos that I was *amazed* with. When you put up your Kaseya Connect recap post then I’ll put some significantly more positive comments on that one. 🙂 I guess I’m just saying to keep our comments in perspective. This is one announcement I couldn’t use versus the dozen or so that I’m extremely eager to get my hands on.

    Also, I appreciate the point of view of, “we’re learning how to build a mobile app”. Your argument that you’re using a smaller, less used module as the test bed makes a lot of sense. It would be nice to see the major mobile bugs worked out before there’s a mobile management app.

  14. Kaseya has to understand that we’re getting tired of every announcment leading to another COST for us. I love Kaseya technically. But I think they really do try to screw their customers. It’s all about Kaseya getting more revenue – NOT about helping US grow our businesses and then OUR growth supporting KASEYA’s growth.

    EXAMPLE: Don’t make me spend $2400 up front just to get into KES!!! Let me but what i can sell TODAY!! THEN I’ll grow and sell more!

  15. Gavin,

    I would like to think that Kaseya is changing. It sounds like you were not made aware of the recent changes in KES licensing. They are now perpetual, which means you can buy them as you need them with no up-front fee.

    Contact your account manager and he will give you the URL to apply for a free trial of KES to test it out.

    Good luck to you and your business.

  16. I was really wishing the surprise announcement was the release of the Kaseya Security Information Management module that is on the 2009 roadmap. Any update on that? This is a module that we could sell to many of our clients… it goes a long way at helping them with PCI-DSS compliance.

  17. Sean, I understand your frustration, if you are only looking at this from a IT Service Provider perspective. ServiceDesk was not made to replace ConnectWise, AutoTask, TigerPaw or other billing based systems, but rather feature-rich Help Desk or Service Desk application for Kaseya customers that need more than our ticketing system presently provides. (for those that love the simplicity of Ticketing, don’t worry it is not going away).

    I am personally working on building out both corporate IT and IT Service Provider templates for Service Desk because I do see a potential efficiency gain in dumping your automated alerts into the new Service Desk rather than using Ticketing. You can then send these tickets or automated service requests to your PSA.

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. 🙂 As a former Service Provider with over 5,000 nodes deployed, I can see myself using it.

    Gniffke out.

  18. I would rather see Kaseya spend their time working on better interfaces for ConnectWise and Autotask and focus on the core product. Trying to build everything into Kaseya is going to lead to bloatware. I’d like to see faster dev time on the core product.

  19. Steven, great point and thanks for your feedback. A separate team was brought in to help develop the iPhone application so that our core developers were not taken off task. I believe that many customers have grown weary of Kaseya’s slower release cycles lately, but I know that it is only due to the HUGE changes in our new core framework.

    One large detail that our customers are not yet aware of is how huge this new framework change is. As an insider, this second generation solution will be an incredible leap. It may not be obvious on release, but throughout 2010 I think our customers will be pumped!

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