Watch the Recap of KaseyaConnect User Conference

The KaseyaConnect User Conference Video Recap is LIVE!  Go here and click on the green Watch Recap button.

5 thoughts on “Watch the Recap of KaseyaConnect User Conference

  1. I was pretty disappointed with the “tips and tricks” segment. Deviating from their planned presentation to field what amounted to technical support questions was not a good idea. By the end of the presentation I really felt like my time had been wasted.

    This seems to happen time and again with Kaseya webinars and presentations. I plan to begin attending the bi-weekly Tech Jam sessions. If they are as disappointing in content as every other Kaseya presentation I’ve witnessed then I will not continue attending in the future.

  2. Ok now we are talkin!! Great new features, having not been able to go to the Conference (Large City Sales Apt) I am now shocked at the amount of new Features, Service Desk should have not been the large announcement… The Live Connect alone is amazing, nested scripts! The comment I made about Maintenance is retracted! Sourceminer approves this message lol 🙂

  3. Great stuff! But the video on Guy seems to be broken? No sound and it doesn’t play. Tried it on a couple of PCs with no luck.

  4. This is very nice looking stuff! I’m very excited about Live Connect – The time saving possibilities there are fantastic. The facelift that the whole product has been given is a nice bonus. But I’m most excited about the scripting enhancements. Once script to accomplish a goal now instead of 10 different scripts linked together. Great! I was kind of hoping for the security module that the roadmap talked about (IDS, nmap scanning, etc), but by no means am I disappointed at what I see in these videos. Great work, I’m glad to see the thousands of suggestions from the forums being listened to and coded into the product.

  5. George, The video for Guy Kawasaki is up and running now.

    Kevin, glad to see you are so excited about LiveConnect

    Alex, definitely looking forward to saving you some time with the revision of Kaseya 6.

    Ryan, your input has been noted and will DEFINITELY be valuable input for next years conference and other events put on by Kaseya. Thank you.

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