Google Earth/Kaseya Mashup Set to Music!

This mashup was first seen at KaseyaConnect last week and was put together by one of Kaseya Sr Sales Engineers, Ben Lavalley.  

As you watch you will notice both blue and red Kaseya bugs.  The blue ones represent Kaseya servers and the red ones represent conference attendee servers.  Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

6 thoughts on “Google Earth/Kaseya Mashup Set to Music!

  1. Glad you like it!

    I put it together in a hurry late at night after I flew in to Las Vegas for our user conference. I have found some of the coolest things can come from spontaneous bursts of creativity like this…. I hadn’t otherwise used Google Earth since it was released about 5 years ago.

    I used iShowU HD for the recording on my Macbook.

  2. No red dots from Scandinavia? We were at least 8, give or take some depending on the time of the day 😉

  3. The address list I got may not have had you guys, or the Address -> Longitude/Latitude translation didn’t work correctly through the Google API. I didn’t have time to double check everything — thanks for paying close attention to the detail!

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