Don't Rely On Your IT Guy!

This post is a solid perspective from Evovle IT in Australia.  A few one-liners that I like from the post:

“…I’m here to tell you that the IT Guy is a dying breed”

“If you don’t have a partnership with a technology company that understands business you’re likely to be left behind in the wake of your competitors.”

“So if you rely on your IT guy there will inevitably be one day soon he’s not available to assist you when you need urgent support…”

“You want your PC fixed ‘cause it’s broken? – call the It guy.  You want to make an ongoing and long term improvement to the way you do business?  – call your technology partner.”

To see the full article, go read Clayton Moulynox’s blog Small Business Daily.  Nicely put.

One thought on “Don't Rely On Your IT Guy!

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