Kaseya Support Is Unstoppable!!!

I loved reading the update from Alan Davis (VP, Global Product Services) this month!  It is common knowledge, throughout the globe, that Kaseya 6 is just around the corner and everyone here at Kaseya is in training for the big launch on October 1st.  To get a little taste of what it is like around here, watch this!


Despite Kaseya supports’ extra workload I am pumped to share the stats for the month of August.

Dear All,

Kaseya Support has had an extremely busy month. Over and above our usual activities and responsibilities the staff have been working hard with our Version 6 beta sites, our KES 2.1 beta customers and have also been involved with our developers to bring some 380 pilot customers on to the new company portal.
With so many additional activities put into the mix this month our processes and systems were put to the test and I’m pleased to say they stood up well and allowed us to deliver against the extra tasks whilst meeting the requirements of our customers.

One of the predominant topics in your feedback surveys is that techs close tickets after sending a response which is causing some irritation among our customer base so I would like to explain the reasoning behind this as it has an operational significance. We are running a global operation on our current ticketing system with around 4000 tickets per month going through 4 tiers of support and development and spanning 15 areas of specialisation. As such it is important that we know when a customer has responded and by far the most reliable way currently, is to close the ticket as any response from our customer reopens the ticket and puts it to the top of the queue whereas setting to Awaiting User Feedback simply turns the hyperlink bold on receipt of a response and is not so easily spotted. This operational issue has been addressed in Service Desk and the ticket will stay open until closed either by mutual agreement or pre-determined expiry so we are all looking forward to going live on that soon.

So, to the results for this month and although due to the additional workload I was expecting to take a small hit, I’m delighted that we held onto our rating from last month – the aim remains to pass the 90% mark before the end of the year.

  1. Read support policy? 90%
  2. Used the KB? 80%
  3. Speed and accuracy of initial response 86.4%
  4. Handling where further escalated 88.2%
  5. Handled in a timely fashion 85.4%
  6. Support Reps were knowledgeable 90.9%
  7. You were given good advice 86.4%
  8. Reps were courteous 99.1%
  9. Reps communicated clearly 95.5%
  10. Given regular progress updates 88.1%

Aggregated satisfaction value 89.0%

As usual, thank you all for taking the time to complete the survey
Best regards

Alan Davis
VP Global Product Services

4 thoughts on “Kaseya Support Is Unstoppable!!!

  1. Is it just me, or has Kaseya tech support really gone downhill?

    I’ve been using Kaseya for over 3 years – recently upgraded to K2 (or ver 6 – whatever). Since then, a couple of features are buggy and I’ve opened up tickets through the portal – which appears to be outsourced overseas.

    Forget about calling in to speak to a live person – I always end up in their mailbox, which is FULL and can’t accept more messages!

    So I open tickets online though their portal (as encouraged to do) — the responses I get and / or their troubleshooting technique leave much to be desired. More alarming to me is the extremely slow response time on issues that affect ALL my agents — typically 12+ hours!

    The response from tech support typically points me to KB article which isn’t applicable to my issue – and only frustrates me further. Or better – they will remote control to one of my “named” affected systems without any warning or communication to me first — you know, I may not want them popping in on the COO’s laptop at one of my clients – at least not without a little communication to ME prior.

    I digress, my question is, “Is it just me?” — has their tech support gone off a cliff.

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  2. Tech support has also gone downhill for me here.

    We have had an ongoing issue with using domain credentials to log into our kaseya server, if a user changes their password, they can no longer log into kaseya (suggesting it is not actually interrogating AD) anyway, it has been 15 days on the latest account to fail, and no progress.

    Also similar situation with upgrading to K2, our database import repeatedly fails, no help there, fails at 61%. I have tried importing direct into SQL, then running the KaWebUpdate utility to upgrade the database to K2, which also fails at 61%. What next?

    And yes, the KB articles that don’t help, that is veeeery annoying. My understanding is that they get commission based on the KB articles, by closing a ticket with a KB article, and extra if they write the KB article to close the job, great for them, rubbish for us.

    1. Hello Steven
      We have no known issues with 5.1 and domain credentials and I see our development team are working with you to try and discover what the issue is. With regard to the K2 upgrade, one of our support technicians brought the system up to date on hotfixes and the import completed, that ticket has been left open awaiting information or instruction to close from you following your testing.
      To your final point, nobody is paid any commission or other incentives to close tickets with KB articles, nor for writing KB articles. The sole purpose and aim with the knowledgebase is to ensure customers have fast access to issues we have seen and resolved (or worked around) as fast as possible. By sending the KB link we can ensure that every customer is given the same proven information or instructions rather than each individual tech putting a different slant or introducing confusion. The benefit to Kaseya for answering with a KB article is negligible, the ticket still needs to be processed. The benefits to the customer however should be plain.
      You can of course now state KB articles you have reviewed when submitting a ticket, this will tell the tech a) that you have done some background research and b) that you were unsuccessful with the information we have provided on the KB. We can address your issue better in the knowledge that you tried first steps, you won’t get that KB article sent to you and we will take the opportunity to enhance or update the information on the KB.
      Should you wish to discuss any aspect of support, please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Best regards

  3. Hi Alan,

    My apologies for complaining in a public forum. I am glad to see we are now recieving some support regarding our issues.
    I must have misunderstoof the KB article bonus situation, however this was the impression I got from the Kaseya kickstart training.

    Thanks for your assistance.


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