How to Create Copies of Kaseya Sample Event Sets

This is one of those questions we never get, but after we tell people about it, they use it!

To create copies of Kaseya sample Event Sets

  • Edit the sample Event Set
  • Click Export Event Set
  • Copy the XML text to the clipboard
  • Close and then select the < Import Event Set > option in the list of Event Sets
  • In the Import text box paste the XML text from the clipboard
  • Scroll to the top of the XML and change the XML text before clicking the Import button
  • By editing the text in quotes after the ‘setName=’ you can give your new Event Set a new Event Set name and then increment the numerical value in quotes after ‘eventSetId=’ by 1 and then click the Import button.

You now have new Event Set that is an exact copy of our sample Event Set. However, you can now modify this new Event Set without loosing changes and without having to disable the ‘Reload sample event sets with every update and database maintenance cycle.” option under the System->Server Management->Configure function.

Let us know how we are doing!  What kind of tips are you looking for?

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