Kaseya Next Generation Communication Coming Soon

Many of you have been waiting for the Kaseya next generation application to be released and ready for market.Β  There have been previous comments made concerning the launch of October 1 and now that it is the 5th, well you can figure it out.

With that, the application is nearing “launch readiness” and formalized communication will be coming your way with new time-lines very soon.

Kaseya is a very important part of our customers business and we will not release the product until it meets expectations and requirements needed for a successful business. Know that our delay is only insuring the highest level of quality control possible.

Thanks to everyone for your continued patience.

Comments welcome, I will do my best to answer all of them.

54 thoughts on “Kaseya Next Generation Communication Coming Soon

      1. Just curious, so this means it will be closer to months? Thanks for all you guys are doing. I am sure it will be worth the wait.

    1. Tullibo,

      Yes and we were looking forward to giving it to you. We are working closing with many of our customers to insure that the solution meets requirements and runs well in their production environment. The sooner this process is completed the sooner the project will be generally available. Just know that our delay is merely a quality control process that is only making the final release that much better. Thanks again for your thoughts.

  1. I’m *really* keen to start using Kaseya 6. I think it’s going to make a big difference to the way we work based on what I saw from the User Conference video. It needs to really… it does so much right now… but the interface is hardly elegant – and that’s the bit we all use as IT folk all day, every day.

    1. Richard, I am so glad that you are excited. The app is definitely prettier and I can honestly say that some of the upgrades will become paramount to the continued development of our customers businesses. Thanks for the comment and I look forward to your feedback once you have integrated it into your business.

  2. Is this going to be a phased release? I would imagine that with an update as large as this, you would not release it to everyone at once. Looking forward to it.

  3. I am thinking those who purchased the most recently, (Since we would have the least number of agents)..we can work out the bugs for the bigger installations.. πŸ™‚

  4. I completely understand that delays occur especially when the upgrade is such a major release. Taking the time to get it right is far more important than satisfying our eagerness for a new toy to play with.
    However, since version 6 is in RC or RC2 now, why not release the formal announcement about it so that we can all know what’s included. Many of us have other projects that could be changed or eliminated depending on what features are coming.

      1. Any update on those last minute housekeeping items? Again, while I can completely understand how difficult it is to get a major release ready to launch to such a large customer base, I want to reiterate that many of us have on-going projects looking at things like software asset management, improved remote control options, more reliable BUDR, better/easier network monitoring, etc.
        A formal announcement covering all the great new stuff that’s coming soon would be a huge help for us to know which projects we can table for a while (in hopes that our needs will be met by the new K6 release) and which projects we need to continue with. Especially as we approach 2010 and we want to plan budgets and resources for next year, it would be nice to know more about what our primary tool (Kaseya) will offer us in the coming year.
        We have no problem waiting another month after the announcement to get those new features. We just want to know more details on what’s coming. It sure seems like you should be able to issue a detailed product release announcement by now.
        Or are you still debating which features/functions to add/remove from the release?

  5. My rep told me yesterday that the first round of Beta users got their emails to upgrade to the General Release 2 days ago.

    Where is the more information we’re looking for?!

  6. I Thought the beta testers were allready in the release candidate version? And that was more then a month ago. Will Kaseya 6 be a Christmas gift, or will it be 2010?
    Please update us, we heard a lot of date, Q3, Q4, october, but still no luck.


  7. Beta Testers were/are using the release candidate. They got their email to upgrade to RTM/General Availability.. IE they’re using the release product

  8. I assume as the waves happen you’ll start getting notification. They’re basing the waves, iirc, on Size of deployment, length of time as a customer, whether your an MSP or an IT Dept, etc

  9. Any word yet? I am desperate for the new scripting interface. The one in K2008 is a PITA for nested scripting. I am very anxious to lay hands on the remote command line and registry stuff as well.

  10. It looks like the definition of “very soon” means more than 45 days. We’re anxiously awaiting the formailzed communication as to when the yet-to-be-determined release date will be; some offical info would be nice.

    I have a series of scripts I want to build, but I am waiting on the new scripting interface.

    1. I suspect Kaseya is not sure how long it will take to flush out the rest of the bugs in the code. There is a controlled release to production going on right now, and I hear the dev team is pretty bogged down in working through issues. “It’s better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Kaseya knows this is a make or break release that they need to get right the first time.

      1. Yes, but we cannot expect all the bugs to be worked out prior to the first production release either. If Microsoft did that… they would still be working on out the bugs with Windows XP.

        I say, work out the major bugs, release what you have and make hotfixes and service packs available to get the rest cleaned up. If we know what the issues are in a release, we have the choice to install the new version or wait until the patch comes along, just like any other application we buy today.

        To sit by silently only tells me that they don’t care about their customers, only their own reputation.

        1. Tom,

          You make some very good points and your argument has some validity. I would like to point out however that your last statement about them not caring about their customers and just their own reputation is a little counter intuitive. Reputations are carried by the people who use the product. Thus if they are concerned about their reputation they would naturally be concerned about their customers.

          I highly doubt Kaseya cares all that much about what other MSP software providers think of them.

        2. Good point about all the bugs, but who is to say what is major and what is not? For example, the ability to open a ticket from an alert is not major to my biz, but it could be huge to someone else. How about the ability to see when the last time a procedure (script) executed, or even to see a list of machines EVERY time you choose a procedure? These issues were worked out in the last few days, and I suspect that had this been rolled out with those unresolved Kaseya would not fare well in the market. I agree they need to managed expectations better, and if they promise a timeframe they should be willing to hire the resources to make it happen.

          1. We should have the say whether the bug is major or not. By giving us access to the upgrade, showing us a list of unresolved issues, and allowing us to make the decision whether we want to move forward or not.

            Also, with a running bug list, have an expected date for each fix, and provide updates in a rollup like they do for Exchange server.

  11. As an MSP using Kaseya to support about 500 seats widely dispersed geographically and at several companies, the product has to work, especially if you can’t easily phase it in to test with a few seats at a time. The Cool Factor does nothing for me if I deploy and it breaks something. If we have to revert to traveling to sites or resort to the old ways of managing client systems, monitoring and remediation, etc., it will overwhelm my resources and could have a huge direct cost impact not to mention liabliity impact if I can’t do what I’m contracted to do. Take all the time you need Kaseya to get it right! But know that we are anxious and excited!

    1. +1 here

      Having a bugged software for my work is the biggest problem I could have.
      I need something that does what it says it can do. Anything else is useless and is dangerous.

      Take time to do a good product (try not taking years :)).

      Kaseya is my only product that never fails … I want and need the same thing in the new version.

      (Sorry for my poor English but I’m French and I have not used it since some times :))

  12. I spoke to someone today and its been pushed back yet again…end of December beginning of January. I personally want to see whether the SNMP implementation actually works and to move from our current dodgy hosted provider.
    It is a bit poor that even pricing hasn’t been decided for the hosted model and lack of proper demos are available at this late stage.

  13. You all are fantastic! I enjoy hearing your love for the product and enthusiasm for the new release. If you are serious about adopting the new framework, I can put you in an early adopter program. This program will give you the download of the full product and you will work with Kaseya support to take it live in your environment. We have companies doing this now.

    A couple details to note:
    1. If you are a Service Provider and rely on the integration of third party applications for billing etc, this is not for you. Support for integration is not part of the early adopter program as we are focusing first on the core product.
    2. If you are not able or don’t have the patience to potentially spend extra time with support, I would wait as well.
    3. You must be willing to take it into production.

    NOTE: This rollout is with the full version of the product so you are not getting a beta or release candidate.

    Send me a direct tweet to (no @ replies please because I am trying to control this process) to @chadgniffke if you would like to be put on the list. There is about a 3-4 business day turn around time.

  14. Per Kaseya Sales: “With our next generation release coming Q1…the pricing is going up 20-40% for the master MSP edition”

    Is this true?!?

  15. This thread seems to have died. What is the release date for the version with AppAssure integration? Also, does it mean that Acronis will not be part of the upcoming release?

  16. Thanks Greg. Any Kaseya folks want to confirm? Also, do you know what happened that this deal was called off?

  17. Considering I just had a conference call with AppAssure where the VP of Sales, the Lead Engineer (responsible for scripting into Kaseya) and our sales guy specifically said that the Kaseya integration was dead….. if its still pending then someone has some major wires crossed somewhere.

    1. Fair enough Greg. My response was based on a quick Skype IM and was followed up with a “let’s talk”….that was why I used the word pending….sorry. I should have be more clear that I didn’t have a specific answer at this point.

  18. No worries, we were really excited about the potential to replace Acronis, which we have two clients that the backup was reporting successful but in fact was only generating 2KB files. Needless to say it was a big issue. Its all sorted out now, but we are now more proactive on spot checks, and Replay offered services that Acronis could not come close to doing. It would have been nice to have it all in a single interface.

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