Use KVNC to Transfer Files Back and Forth Between Machines

So KVNC is basically Kaseya VNC.  In short we took the VNC remote control application and added some customization.  If you are using KVNC to remote control computers you just may fall in love with this little tip!

When you have a KVNC console open along with Windows Explorer on both the remote and local system, simply use the copy and paste function to transfer files between machines.

It is amazing how simple some things are.  Someone give this a try and report back to me your success or failure.

Thanks to Wilki Budiawarman for the tip!!!

3 thoughts on “Use KVNC to Transfer Files Back and Forth Between Machines

  1. Presumably this only works if your first “session” after boot is a K-VNC session? (I make a point of opening a K-VNC remote control right after signing into Kaseya after a reboot so I’m using the “new” daemon…)

  2. You could also just right-click the “wrong” VNC daemon icon in your system tray, choose “Close” and then start a new KVNC session wich loads the correct one.

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