Get IT Together with 5 fresh products and an iPhone App!

So today was a big day for Kaseya.  After blood, sweat and tears….well maybe not tears or blood, but at least hard work, we’ve officially released 5 products in the new K2 family and our new iPhone App!

We’re so excited to release these 5 products.  K2 is going to deliver some great new functionality to a wider range of customers.   The products are:

  • Kaseya Free
  • IT Toolkit
  • Small/Medium Enterprise Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Master IT Service Edition

To read more about the products, CLICK HERE to check out the Kaseya website.

The Kaseya iPhone app (itunes link) will be an instant favorite for all our customers with Service Desk.  This app will give you access to multiple desks and tickets from your iPhone.  Its a free app available in the AppStore TODAY!!  If don’t have Service Desk yet,  you can still download the app and check it out.  Field techs and managers are going to fall in love with this app!

Stay tuned here for more updates here about our vision for these new products and for tips and tricks for K2!

Here are some links to the official press releases from today:

Kaseya Free Press Release |   IT Toolkit Press ReleaseEE and SMEE Press Release |  Master IT Service Edition Press Release

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