Sync tool integrates Microsoft CRM/Outlook and Kaseya.

The folks over at QoS-IT have written a Kaseya integration that works with Windows 7 and Microsoft CRM via Outlook. Their platform leverages Microsoft CRM for customer engagement and tracking, then with the Kaseya Sync incoming emails to CRM can be converted to tickets and associated with agent hardware.

Download it here.


3 thoughts on “Sync tool integrates Microsoft CRM/Outlook and Kaseya.

  1. The tool is part of QoS-IT, an IT Services Management Solution developed on Microsoft CRM as a platform, integrated with Outlook, Customer self-serve portal and Kaseya.

  2. QoS-IT is an enhancement to Microsoft CRM Service Module.
    Microsoft CRM is a collection of Entities which are database tables such as Accounts (companies) Contacts and Cases (incidents).
    QoS-IT is a collection of over 30 new entities in MS CRM, mainly in SLA Contract & Service Module to manage the MSP’s business (CRM&PSA to comply with SLA). It also provides customers with a link to CRM so they can submit cases, view case status, invoices, SLA Contracts, Allotments & reports via portal.
    One of those entities is HW Device, a database table that stores information about the customer’s devices that MSP monitors. CRM workflow scans Kaseya devices and updates the fields of the HW Device record. One of those fields is the Kaseya GUID of the device which enables opening the Kaseya view of the device in an iFrame tab of the device, as can be viewed in this image (

    For MSP using Microsoft CRM in Outlook mode and the Kaseya Sync function, the HW device is available in Outlook and you can open Kasey while in Outlook.

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