Join the Kaseya Innovation Series Webinar – Oct19 – Is ITIL Worth It?

Kaseya Innovation Series Webinar – 10/19/10 at 11 AM PDT/ 2 PM EST – Conversations by Executives for Executives
Applications & Shortcomings of ITIL Processes: Is ITIL Worth Implementing?

ITIL best practices continue to gain momentum among corporations looking to advance their IT effectiveness and efficiencies. But with IT budgets still on lockdown across many enterprises, can CIOs justify the implementation costs of a process with few short-term advantages? Will trends toward automation, with tools like Kaseya Enterprise Edition, make ITIL easier to execute in the future, and will there ever be a truly manageable means of implementation?

Join us on October 19 for a free panel discussion with Fortune 500 Enterprise Technology leaders as we discuss:

  • Why are the concrete benefits of ITIL so difficult to pin down?
  • Does ITIL need to become industry specific to continue to be relevant?
  • Is the rigorous nature of ITIL truly necessary to achieve significant improvements — are there alternatives with similar ROI?
  • As IT organizations are restructured to take advantage of ITIL process maturity, have CIOs fully examined the strengths/weaknesses to the service approach?
  • Is the ITIL push simply a buzzword response, or will the trend continue?

A live Q & A session will follow. We hope you can join us!

Kaseya Innovation Series Webinar – Is ITIL Worth It?
October 19, 2010
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