TECH NOTE: K2 Server Performance Tuning

With thousands of customers using our On Demand solutions everyday, performance of our own kservers  is critical, especially because we deliver those services in a true SaaS model with multi-tenancy and not just simple dedicated hosting.  Our amazing infrastructure team has been working hard for months to dial these systems into a high-performance and highly reliable service.  A result of their efforts has been a K2 Server Performance Tuning Best Practices document.  Its a long title for a high power document that will walk you through server tuning, SQL tuning, even tips for using VMware.

We’ve put this document up in the Resources sections of Kaseya Connections, our new online community.

Click here for the document.

2 thoughts on “TECH NOTE: K2 Server Performance Tuning

  1. A very useful document. I especially like the last page:

    “This document was created with Win2PDF… The unregistered version of Win2PDF is for evaluation or non-commercial use only.”

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