How to make ITIL a reality…

As the latest offering in our free Innovation Series webinars, join us at 11am PST on 11/16/10 as we speak with Greg Franseth, Director of Information Services, University of Kentucky about his work to put ITIL in action using IT automation.

In prior webinars, we’ve discussed that ITIL is a journey, not a destination, and successful deployment requires flexibility and commitment on multiple levels to see true improvement. With technological expertise provided by Javier Esteve, Enterprise ITIL Services, Kaseya, this conversation will take a deeper dive into best practices and execution of ITIL projects, exploring how the University automated many of their transformational changes through the use of IT automation technology.
We’ll look at the details of the technologies as applicable in any Enterprise environment, challenges and opportunities for Corporate IT, and  before-and-after analysis of the ITIL process with moderator Anthony Juliano, CTO, Landmark Ventures.

Please register for this free webinar by clicking here.

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