Education Systems Management Challenges

education systems management
Let’s face it, handling education systems management IT environments can be quite difficult. Whether it’s blocking a new software virus, managing theft of school laptops or dealing with school administrators who have little knowledge of IT, people just don’t understand the expertise, time and patience required.

IT systems management professionals in education institutions face difficult problems in trying to manage ever-growing networks of computers with limited resources. IT teams must keep systems (often spread over a large geography) running, meet compliance requirements, keep devices in service for learning and protect against malware…even on student-owned computers that IT doesn’t control. And they need to do it all on tight, sometimes shrinking budgets.

The challenge in education systems management is ever-tightening budgets that don’t keep pace with the requirements of managing large, heterogeneous, geographically dispersed and often mobile systems. New deployments, re-imaging, maintenance, upgrades and overstretched bandwidth are just some of the obstacles. Enterprise software packages are expensive and require big commitments in training for staffs that are already stretched thin. Add:

  • High expectations from teachers, administrators and parents
  • Short, seasonal purchasing cycles
  • Licensing compliance requirements
  • Endless pressure to do more with less

And the end result is a difficult working environment, to put it mildly.

Automate Systems Management in Education IT Environments

Information technology has become an integral part of the modern education system, from kindergarten through higher education. Faculty and students increasingly rely on technology for classroom instruction, homework and administrative operations. However, administrators and governing boards, focused on hardware and software, often dismiss the need for systems management in education IT environments.

Managing the IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be thankless. Nor does it have to be difficult and overly time consuming. Education systems management automation can provide remote management of IT assets, resulting in an interruption-free environment for end users and a better reputation for IT administrators. By automating key tasks, IT professionals can reduce costs, decrease downtime and strategically align objectives with organizational goals.

How are you addressing new software viruses, compliance requirements and other IT challenges in your school district or university? Share your experiences with us.

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