Proactive and Preventative IT Systems Management

Information technology is revolutionizing the classroom experience for students, teachers and administrators. Students are adopting new technologies for learning, communication and play at an unprecedented rate. Educators and administrators are bringing new tools into the classroom to enrich the learning experience. Schools from kindergarten to post graduate level are ever more reliant on technology. It’s important to all concerned that access and use of these IT systems is uninterrupted.

Proactive, preventative IT systems management is essential in providing reliable, robust and cost-effective IT services. The problem is that the more hands-on and proactive you are, the more disruptive you may seem to users who just want to be left alone. What if you could deliver support to your end users without  asking them to go grab a cup of coffee? What if the end user was not even aware that an IT administrator is on the machine?

non-invasive IT systems management

Remote Desktop Access: Take Control without Disturbing the User

Sometimes, IT administrators need to conduct basic maintenance or view a machine that is already in use. Instead of kicking off the student or teacher, what if you could make changes to the remote machine in the background without taking full control of the system? What if you could transfer files, view a thumbnail of the desktop, access the task manager, resolve registry issues or open the command line – all while users continue working without being aware maintenance is taking place on their machines?

Remote desktop access provides instant access to a number of system-level controls without having to interact with the desktop of a remote computer. The technology directly connects you to a machine’s command line, system registry and disk drives without having to go wait for end user interaction. This allows you to work behind the scenes and allow you to accomplish just about anything you need to deliver truly effective technical support and proactive IT systems management maintenance.

Another great feature of a world class remote desktop access solution is the ability to grant users direct connect access to their workstations from any other machine on the internet.  So, for example, if Principal Jones wanted to get some school work done at night, but didn’t have a district laptop, she could leverage remote access to establish a unique and highly secure remote access session to her office workstation without compromising network security or moving data to an unmanaged machine.

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