Who uses the most power on the Internet?

I guess it’s no shock that Facebook consumes the most power on the internet, so when they announced that they are making a more efficient datacenter it certainly translates to significant savings for them.  Here is a link to the full article.

Did you know the average off the shelf server, even the “Energy efficient” cost about as much in electricity over a 3 year life as they do to purchase? Disclaimer: Based on an average Dell Poweredge 2950, and of course depends on a lot of factors the most obvious being the cost per kilowatt hour in your area. Check out Dell’s Energy calculator.

Pretty much anyway you slice it though, saving electricity for you or your clients, means saving money and who doesn’t like to do that?  So if you’re looking for ways to win friends/business and influence CFO’s and clients, then think about how you can improve the way their IT resources use electricity, because being green pays dividends, oh yeah, and it’s pretty good for the environment too.  Kaseya Desktop Policy Management can help deploy power policies to your machines under management and of course Wake on LAN, and vPro integration help.



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