Get Certified and Get Priority!

How would you like to have a way to prove how smart you are and be able to get fast tracked support? Our friend and partner at Florida International University, Masoud Sadjadi has worked very hard to create a Kaseya Certified Administrator program that prepares you and then certifies your knowledge of Kaseya.

The program Masoud has created isn’t a training program per se, we have training here, instead it offers mentoring, lab time, and coursework designed to prepare you for the certification exam.

“Even after I have been using Kaseya for quite some time, I learned quite a bit, and was very impressed with the chapter & test questions as well as the lab environment for the course. I think this test will be a perfect learning track for those just starting out with Kaseya for their Managed Services offering, or for people like me that are “seasoned” professional users that need to keep their skills at the level they need to be to service their clients.”  – Justin Tison, Sikich LLP

In addition to adding to your cert roster, Kaseya Certified Administrators enable their companies to receive priority access to support specialists.  That’s right fast track support.  It is a very exciting time to be a Kaseya pro and now you have a way to build your resume We’ve created a LinkedIN group for all our certified admins to connect and share, and are looking forward to seeing the new Kaseya Certified Administrators contributing to our community.

Click to read more about becoming Kaseya Certified.

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