Holiday weekends. Do you miss them?

So here in the US we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday.  Inevitably that means IT pro’s everywhere are wondering if they could actually have Monday to themselves or if the inevitable user issue will come up just as they start the BBQ and pop open a refreshing beverage of choice.  No matter where you live though, as an IT pro you know the same situations.  Someone ends up working on the holiday and of course they’ll end up having problems that only, you, their trusted IT guru can solve.

If you’re a Kaseya customer, you’ve been diligent enough to reschedule anything that might require user interaction during the holiday, but you still can’t prevent Mr. or Mrs. Holiday worker from somehow corrupting their most important excel spreadsheet that they’ll need just before dawn on the day after the holiday.  So herein lies the absolute beauty of a truly browser based systems management tool like Kaseya.  You can be at your 2nd cousins house and even though the only computer in the house is his 4 year old’s imac, you can still do remote support.

Have a great weekend,no matter how long it may be!  Happy Memorial Day to everyone and thanks to all our veterans who’ve served!


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