Customer Offers $1 Million in cash for latest version of Kaseya!

It was a normal day at a average trade show with average turnout, and average activity until something special, something unique, something not so average happens. A gentleman approached the Kaseya booth and very calmly asks for a demo. Jeff Keyes from our Product Marketing team politely obliges with a very informative overview demo of our it systems management solution. Highlighting things like the robust Agent Procedures, Live Connect, Kaseya Antivirus and Antimalware, the demo goes well and concludes with little fanfare. Jeff takes a deep breath and prepares for the inevitable questions. Right on cue the customer asks about pricing and with glint in his eye and a wry smile, Jeff replies: “For you? A million dollars.”

Without hesitation, the kind conference goer says, “Ok.” and pulls out a 1 Million dollar bill from his wallet. The next sound was Jeff’s jaw hitting the floor followed by peals of laughter. The interested gentleman had called Jeff’s bluff. Everyone enjoyed a good laugh and after inspecting the obviously fake $1 million dollar bill, contact information was exchanged and everything went back to normal. Another day working the booth that couldn’t have been like most other days working the booth, turned into a great story and a good laugh.

cash for it systems management software

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