Tips and Tricks: How to Monitor Admin Privileges


So it’s Friday and that means for many IT guys, things quiet down a little as people wind down their week, but we all know what happens on Monday. Somehow little gremlins get into the network.  Those gremlins take on all shapes and sizes but one of the most insidious is when random user show up in the Domain Admins group.  Sometimes they are put there for good reasons, but if its an average user that gets thrown in there its usually because someone couldn’t solve a permissions related issue and just threw in the proverbial towel.

In steps, our community.  This time the solution comes from community member cubert.  I’ll give you 2 links the first is to his blog where he goes over how he watches the Domain Admins groups in AD and how to set it up in Kaseya, then there is the link to the corresponding discussion in Kaseya Connections.

cubert’s blog post

community thread

The shared knowledge in our customers astounds me.  They are solving problems, tough problems, day in and day out.  Nice work!




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