Upcoming Webinar: Making Operation IT More Strategic

Do you feel like a business partner or just a service provider? Do you struggle to make your voice heard in larger organizational decisions?

If you’re the CIO of a large Fortune 500 company, the strategy for being viewed as influential sounds straightforward: attach yourself to revenue generating projects and measure value in $ROI.

But what if you’re the CIO of a smaller organization?

These business world strategies don’t translate as easily for SMB CIOs. Technology for these tends to be squarely focused on operations and support, which can sideline IT’s bigger goals and broader decision-making role in favor of “just keeping the lights on.” To make matters worse, most end-users only ever get to see the “bad side” of operational IT, i.e. when a worker’s machine isn’t working or their internet connection goes down.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss how to gain strategic influence by making “Operational IT” into a “Strategic” project that elevates core metrics and ties them to the equivalent “business” functions as a foundation for getting a seat at the table. Key to this strategy will be making preventative measures and operational functions more visible to the organization, while proactively minimizing and eliminating the visibility of problems before and as they occur.

We’ll discuss best practices for maintaining and improving the quality of end-user experience while simultaneously reducing cost, and leveraging real-time data from the organization to communicate the value of IT’s measurable impact so that you can strike the ideal balance between visible value and invisible support.

Registration Link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/534593240

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