Easy Directory & File Monitoring with Kaseya Network Monitor

This post is the first post (!) in a series that will offer tips and tricks for the newest addition to the Kaseya family, Kaseya Network Monitor. Feel free to sound of in the comments if you have any questions or requests for articles in this series.

One of the most important aspects of a monitoring system is its capabilities to monitor all kinds of file and folder related processes. KNM has several ways to perform file and folder monitoring, one of them being the directory property monitor.

The directory property monitor is a flexible file and folder monitor that can test file count, directory size, relative size changes and age of files in a directory. The test can be limited in scope to files matched by a wildcard. The directory property monitor also stores statistical data, for each test it stores the size of the directory and the number of files it contains. This data can later be used in reports.

Directory property monitor in action

The configuration of the monitor is straight forward, just remember that the path is relative to the monitored device. For example \\mymachine\myshare would be entered as \myshare only.

Property page

The following scenarios can be monitored:

  • Directory contains a minimum number of files
  • Directory contains a maximum number of files
  • Oldest file in directory is not older then a certain number of hours
  • Newest file in directory is not older than a certain number of hours
  • Relative directory size between test
  • The absolute size of files in directory

Sometimes even this is not enough, thats where Lua scripts come in to the picture. Next time we will take a look at the Lua scripting language thats built into KNM and how to use the Lua Integrated development environment that ships with KNM.

9 thoughts on “Easy Directory & File Monitoring with Kaseya Network Monitor

  1. Hi there, is this Kaseya Network Monitor module can do file change audit? such as last modified by whom, deleted by whom ,created by whom?

  2. Unfortunately it only calculates the size inside the specified folder. It doesn’t calculate the size of the subdirectories recursively. Any chance this is added in the future?

  3. Hello Robert,

    Am happy to see you that you implemented the feature! Any Chance for this monitor, to include all subdirectories also? output would be like this:

    folder 1 (root folder)8 MB
    folder 1a (subfolder) 2 MB
    folder 1b (subfolder) 6 MB

    In the graph it would show folder 1(as a total) and 1a and 1b as colored lines trough the graph.

    a LUA script for this output would be nice as well! We use this for monitoring user profiles & homefolders.

    An exchange user mailboxes (not DB!) sizes script or integrated monitoring for this would be nice as well! Currenctly this is the only lacking option in KNM for us. Can you submit it as a feature request?

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