Executive Perspective: Mark Sutherland talks about New Modules and Features

Hello Everyone,

Kaseya has some fantastic new releases this fall!  This month, keep we’ve released Mobile Device Management and Software Deployment is imminent, along with the recent update to the Kaseya framework itself, version 6.2. Speaking of v6.2, it has too many improvements to list here but the highlights include:

· Greatly expanded function access added to Quick View.

· Click the new Quick Monitor icon to instantly set up monitoring on any event log entry.

· VPN to any managed LAN via Live Connect. Access the telnet or web interfaces on remote routers, printers, or other edge devices directly without remote control.

· SSH to any Mac or Linux box via Live Connect.

The new Software Deployment and Update module provides a quick and easy way to automatically deploy and update the most commonly used third party applications. With Software Deployment and Update you can not only install any set from a list of over 100 of the most commonly used applications, but you can also ensure these apps are kept up to date. All through a simple policy-based management interface.

Mobile Device Management is an exciting new area for us and those folks who have previewed this module. Since users access their corporate networks with their smart phones and tablets more often than ever, integrating mobile device management into the mix of Kaseya managed devices lets you get ahead of the curve and proactively manage your user’s entire IT experience.

Our first release of mobile management includes audit, configuration deployment (including email and WiFi configurations where supported by the mobile OS), security and contact backup. That’s just the beginning. In future releases we plan to expand into all the same management functionality (patch, application deployment, remote control, monitoring) you’ve come to expect from Kaseya.

Overcoming some of the challenges that come with trying to manage such tightly integrated mobile devices was interesting, and yet I feel confident in saying, we overcame those challenges and then some.



Mark Sutherland

President, Kaseya

2 thoughts on “Executive Perspective: Mark Sutherland talks about New Modules and Features

  1. Can we really SSH to a Linux or Mac machine via Live Connect? I was under the impression that SSH was only available in the old Remote Control menu, and not in KLC.

    1. You are correct Sam. At the time I wrote this, we were trying to get SSH into Live Connect for v6.2. Unfortunately, it did not make it in time. SSH will appear in Live Connect when v6.3 comes out early 2012.

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