Got IT Systems Management Tools up the Yin Yang?

Automated IT systems management tools  We hear it all the time and feel your pain… you’re frustrated with IT systems management… IT operations is currently using too many disjointed systems management tools, causing inefficiencies within your company. And with these frustrations, the number of IT systems management staff members then has to increase to meet these ongoing challenges, requiring even more collaboration between staff. Which may or may not even be possible given budgets.

For many companies, IT has grown haphazardly and increasingly complex with all the technologies out there, accumulating a patchwork of applications, infrastructure and tools. The end result is that it takes a lot of time, money and resources to manage. The bottom line is that disjointed IT systems management tools remain a major problem for many companies, especially as IT becomes more critical to the operations of the company and more service-centric.

It’s typical for developers to enhance system management tools by continually adding new features. The result is bloated tools and complex management processes. Instead, what is needed is a cost-effective IT solution with improved interoperability and openness.

Enhancements in IT systems management tools pay the most rewards if the focus is on increasing the ability of the tools to work together in an integrated manner. Not only does integration result in a larger impact on the efficiency of internal IT systems management, but it also has a positive uplift on the quality of the services IT delivers to the business.

At Kaseya, we provide complete and clear visibility throughout your IT infrastructure, giving you a holistic management view as well as the ability to drill down to individual systems. Our single, consolidated IT automation solution replaces the jumble of management tools many administrators are forced to use. Thus reducing complexity and increasing service levels.

Next up in our IT systems management pain point series: How well do you have a handle on what’s installed on users’ systems?

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