Save Time and Money with Remote Systems Management. Because Time is Money.

Remote systems management for IT professionalsWhen it comes to IT systems management, it just isn’t possible for one IT professional to watch all the critical services under their management. IT administrators need to know what’s going on with the systems within their networks. Proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs and applications is critical to security, network performance and the overall operations of the organization. Down time is not acceptable!

In the enterprise environment, system administrators often need to deal with a large number of basic problems on users’ machines. Remotely taking control of a user’s desktop to fix the problem is a cost-effective and simple solution to handle these types of support scenarios. Remote systems management capabilities are important to distributed organizations that are resource constrained because they allow administrators to perform remote repair on problems without requiring visits to service each affected system.

To remediate issues without disrupting end users, IT administrators use remote systems management to dramatically lower the cost of managing hundreds or thousands of IP-enabled devices. Remote systems management functionality should include:

  • Efficient and easy IT automation of a variety of services and routine tasks
  • Proactive services delivery to end users
  • Automated, detailed reporting on the performance of your IT services
  • Monitoring of the availability and performance of devices, and rules-based notifications delivered to the right person at the right time

Basic administration through Kaseya’s central, web-based console is done remotely, in the background and allows your customer to keep working right through periodic maintenance. It’s non-disruptive and ensures that not a second of wasted productivity can be attributed to the service you provide. That’s good for those 99.9999 percent service level agreements you agreed to, enhancing your business reputation and making your customers happy.

Learn more on how remote systems management can help your organization save both time and money! Download this free whitepaper on the “Top 10 IT Systems Management Pain Points” and our solution for making your life easier.


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