IT Systems Management Maintenance is Serious Business

IT systems management maintenanceAre you dealing with ‘IT hobbyists’ and ‘power users’ who know just enough to mess up your IT network?

It seems that everyone who’s taken a computer science course in college thinks they can conduct their own backups, install patches, update software and run security scans. They may mean well, but… IT systems management maintenance is serious business! We’ve spent years in training and in developing organized IT systems management processes and procedures. Users aren’t helping when they download a virus that wipes out the SQL server.

As employees have increasing needs and wants to access information on the internet, IT administrators seek to maintain control over the systems placed on employee desktops. This includes anti-virus software, patch management, configuration management and removing the ability for employees to install unauthorized software. Let’s face it, maintaining this level of desktop control isn’t trivial, and it’s becoming more difficult. Users complain about IT obstructing their access and preventing them from adding functionality.

Remote systems management can significantly reduce the perception that users have of “IT meddling” with their desktop systems. Kaseya provides a central, web-based IT systems management console that you can use to monitor, administer, back up and secure all systems on the network.

Unlimited control allows you to block illegal downloads and lock computer settings and profiles. And you’re able to do it invisibly, without any interruptions to (or confrontations with) your ‘power users.’ That way, you can ensure that hardware, software and user maintenance is standard, effective and stress-free across your entire organization.

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