It’s Time To Embrace IT Systems Management

Do you find yourself saying “I know I need to embrace virtualization but I just don’t have the time or budget?”  Business needs dictate that IT systems management resources (server capacity, applications, storage, etc.) ought to be pooled across your organization and shared between geographically-diverse users. This virtualized architecture can increase productivity, save money and create efficiencies. However, it can also be quite complex and expensive to manage.

Increasingly, virtualized server technologies are being used to consolidate physical servers and provide data centers with substantial cost, efficiency and service benefits. Though virtualization provides significant operational benefits, it changes the rules of the game. Virtualization management must address how changes or events within the virtual environment impact an organization’s computing environment.

Virtualization creates an invisible, dynamic network infrastructure which results in new challenges such as server sprawl, resource allocation, data protection that have IT systems management implications. It’s necessary to leverage IT automation tools to manage the virtual infrastructure, and enforce business and IT policies.

To date, most organizations have underinvested in systems management and automation tools relative to the size and cost of their virtualization adoption. Many data centers still employ manually intensive processes resulting in greater burdens on IT staff. This manual intervention means that systems are disconnected from business processes, so the ability to adapt to change in response to business needs is hindered. IT systems management costs will actually rise if organizations don’t improve automation capabilities for their virtualized environments.

Kaseya centralizes IT systems management and gives administrators a holistic view of all resources, arming your organization with the visibility to efficiently distribute resources as demand ebbs and flows. Kaseya makes virtualization and cloud computing manageable without you having to add more staff or expertise.

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