Third Party Integration News: BrightGauge launches new reporting for Kaseya

Kaseya reporting infocenterExciting news!  One of our Third Party Integration partnersBrightGauge Software, has officially released a version of their custom reporting software that is solely focused on and tailored for Kaseya partners.  Kaseya reporting is a gateway to every piece of data about systems managed in our IT systems management platform.  BrightGauge has honed in on the specific reporting needs for MSPs.  BrightGauge was born out of a Kaseya MSP and has been a integration partner of Kaseya since early 2011 but it wasn’t until yesterday that Kaseya partners could utilize their solution without the need of a separate PSA system.

BrightGauge’s solution allows you, the MSP, the ability to create and customize beautiful customer facing reports.  These reports can be automated and include a wide range of executive focused gauges such as IT Health Scores, AV overviews, Server Uptime, Disk Utilizations, and more.  Their solution also includes a gorgeous Customer Portal with an executive web 2.0 dashboard, real time gauges, and file repository.

We’re very excited about BrightGauge’s continued commitment to the Kaseya partner community and they are great group to be working with.  Check out their release blog post below and you can always email them at for more information.

Blog Post:

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