Systems Management Tools That Make IT Security Look Good

automated systems management tools for IT securityToday, billions of users depend on reliable access to computing and information services for business, educational and personal activities. The internet puts a world of information and services at our fingertips and it opens our devices to attack from anywhere around the globe. The same networks that permit a tourist to read email at an airport in Hong Kong also allow a student in Estonia to release a virus that disables systems and the businesses that depend on them. Meanwhile, IT administrators race to discover vulnerabilities, create, release and apply patches before those vulnerabilities are exploited.

As threats to computer security evolve, so do the practices and systems management tools of IT security administration. Computing devices are being used in larger numbers and broader applications, forcing IT administrators to deal with increasingly large volumes of information. These devices are also increasingly connected, providing access for an ever-wider variety of clients including laptops, tablets and smart phones. Changes to the IT technology landscape make the job of keeping systems and networks secure increasingly difficult.

So, how can IT administrators secure our computing systems, defend them against attacks, limit damage proactively and recover from attacks rapidly? IT security requires research into emerging threats, situational awareness of system status and integration and processing of data from multiple sources. As computing devices continue to increase in number and complexity and as network traffic continues to grow, keeping systems secure requires vigilance and upgraded systems management tools.

Kaseya has a new set of automated systems management tools designed to help corporations secure, manage and protect their networks and computing devices. These security tools integrate with our framework to provide IT departments with tighter security, better network management and additional disaster recovery options.

We understand that businesses need greater visibility into their networks in order to better manage all the devices coming online daily. With new network discovery and network monitoring functionality, administrators can view all the details of their network through a single integrated systems management console.

Available through cloud or on-premises delivery, the new security modules include anti-virus, anti-malware, network discovery, network monitoring, online back-up and Kaseya back-up. These automated systems management tools equip IT administrators to better protect against network attacks, find and manage network endpoints more quickly and plan for all types of data recovery.

If you’re in IT security and have any questions on improving your systems and network security, please feel free to comment below.

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