We are Building Bridges to Deliver Better Support

We are bridging the gap between Customer Support and Development by transitioning highly specialized support staff into a Tier 3 role.  These individuals work closely with the development team, in their area of expertise, to acquire deeper skills that allow them to assist their support colleagues with both training and issue resolution.  Additionally, this work with development enhances their ability to correctly prioritize issues and ensure timely resolution.

This role also assists in driving improvements in our products.  The team gathers and collates feedback from the field and pushes it into the development cycle in order to continually improve the product, based on what we hear from the customers.

In brief, the Tier 3 staff is responsible for the following areas:

  • To be deeply entrenched in the product development process
  • Receive one on one training in the product and thus be responsible for training support
  • Maintain knowledge and retrain support as needs arise or product changes dictate
  • To be the escalation point for all support tickets heading into development (Opening dialogue as required but essentially maintaining ownership)
  • Bringing field experience and feedback from support to enhance or battle harden products
  • Join both development and support meetings – bridging the gap
  • To be involved with documentation, troubleshooting guides, etc…
  • Work directly with Pilot and Beta customers
  • Priority process for QA
  • Influence product design
  • Responsible for KB/training/transfer and community posts

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