WEBINAR REPLAY: Top 5 MSP Sales Practices to Win More Customers

If you missed our last MSP webinar:  From Contact to Contract: Top 5 MSP Sales Practices to Win More Customers don’t worry.  We have a replay ready for you now.  Click here to listen to a replay now!

Led by MSP sales expert Mark Woldman of MSP SalesPros, this webinar presented 5 best practices for developing and implementing an effective, efficient process for acquiring new IT managed services clients.  As a sneak peek of the session, Mark’s 5 best practices for increasing the size of your MSP sales pipeline were: MSP Sales Practices
  1. Design your strategy
  2. Create your message
  3. Improve your prospecting
  4. Understand how to qualify
  5. Set up for closing


In a further peek, the following is a short summary of each tip:

  1. Designing – Mark describes how to create an effective process that moves deals through your pipeline faster and more often and he describes how to define your markets, develop your solution, complete your planning, and begin your execution
  2. Messaging – Hear how to create compelling, unique messages that get prospects to engage with you
  3. Prospecting – Woldman shares secrets of how to prospect like a pro and open doors like never before and he shares several “real world” samples of proven techniques
  4. Qualifying – Mark teaches you how to identify your best deals (and avoid wasting time on deals that will never close), he discusses the 4 common objections typically encountered in any sales call (and how best to handle each one), and he also discusses the 4 keys to qualifying
  5. Closing – Mark teaches you how to set up “the close” in your very first meeting, tells you why you should never “just check in,” and why it’s ok to get a “no”

To hear the entire session, register and listen to the recording at you own pace, on your own time.  By the end of the webinar, you’ll know the top 5 MSP sales practices to win more customers.
Let us know what you think.  And feel free to pass it along.  If you liked it and want more, check out our upcoming webinars (and archived ones, too).

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