Integrated Retail POS System That Can Handle Unique Retail IT Challenges

integrated POS system for retailRetail industry IT departments are the key to the successful adoption of new retail POS system technologies that help to control costs and deliver robust functionality to the business. Given the rapid pace of change within the retail ecosystem, it’s essential that all IT assets, whether in-store or at headquarters, are tracked, monitored and managed in a seamless manner. However, proactively managing a retail IT environment that is often distributed geographically creates some unique challenges:

  • All devices may not appear in the Active Directory.
  • Centrally provided IT management and incident resolution is problematic.
  • Many issues are detected and solved reactively, affecting business continuity.
  • Many recurring tasks must be handled manually and are susceptible to human error.
  • Open trouble tickets can proliferate and accumulate faster than they can be resolved.
  • Real-time central overview of IT assets and their performance is often impossible.
  • Real-time information and reporting is difficult to deliver.

Assets, such as retail POS systems, scanners and peripherals are growing to include digital signing devices, tablets, self-service scanning kiosks, RFID systems, smart phone inventory apps and more. All of these need to be tracked, monitored and managed. It becomes impossible to keep up with all the requests coming in from the field via various channels. Investing in a highly scalable proactive retail POS system is crucial for effectively running your environment while simultaneously addressing the need to manage new devices and solutions. A central help desk solution helps administrators prioritize and track issues so that they can efficiently resolve them according to importance.

An integrated retail POS system offering a central overview and proactive monitoring is required. Your IT management platform must have the ability to intervene early to prevent failures so that retail staff can focus on their sales activities.

As a retail organization, you must focus on continuously delivering great customer experiences that build loyalty and drive share of wallet, while controlling costs and improving margins. The smart use of retail POS technology has become one of the most powerful ways that you can deliver stronger services to your customers and adapt to the changing way in which they buy.

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