Kaseya is proud to announce a new module – KOMG!!

It is no secret to the average IT pro that without users there would be less problems to deal with. Of course for some it is a certain type of user that creates the most headaches. So to help extend our world class IT systems management platform even further we are thrilled to announce, KOMG!

This module is an industry first and is another example of how Kaseya continues to lead by delivering more breadth in our platform. KOMG is our NEW teenager management tool. Just have your teenager swallow our small gel-coated agent capsule and within seconds you will have a whole new level of management capability at your fingertips.

With this agent settling in the digestive track, you can do things like location tracking, virus remediation, behavior modification, and of course support, lots and lots of support.

“With 1.0 of KOMG we are excited to reach a whole new realm of management that extends beyond the pc and focuses on a set of users that are notoriously difficult to manage. KOMG will help bring stability and safety to teenagers everywhere.  Building on this feature set, the for plans for KOMG 2.0 will grow this feature set to include more advanced functions like shock therapy, and even cell signal monitoring and blocking,” says Brendan Cosgrove, community director for Kaseya.


5 thoughts on “Kaseya is proud to announce a new module – KOMG!!

    1. I would DEFINITELY like to be an early adopter on this solution. Is this seperately licesing or do we just use current agents? Doesn’t really matter as it’s priceless and will sell for a premium.

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