Tackle IT Financial Management Issues Head On with Automation

It’s difficult for community banks, which typically have limited IT administration resources, to keep their systems up to date and running smoothly. IT financial management is a major pain point for any financial institution, especially small community banks that are growing and may not have the resources to maintain a large remote IT staff.

Managing IT assets, software patches and upgrades across multiple branch locations of a community bank is a challenge. The bank typically has multiple dashboards to control its network, security, remote control and other functions. Managing systems with multiple dashboards is time-intensive and difficult to track and control. Remote control of user computers located at geographically-dispersed branch locations is particularly troublesome. It takes a lot of time, and when problems can’t be fixed remotely, IT personnel must be dispatched to the branch location which is often a half hour or more away.

Time on the road translates into lost hours because technicians are unavailable to deal with other IT financial management issues while in transit. Many times simple software patches and software updates require a trip to a branch. The bottom line is an inefficient IT management system. By proactively monitoring and maintaining all systems on a bank or financial institution’s distributed network, an automated systems management tool can ensure customer information is protected while demonstrating a high degree of systems integrity to regulators. Financial institutions can have up to the minute status information on all systems and security parameters. Reports for internal use and for external auditors can be produced at the push of a button.

Automation from a central data center allows smaller staffs to have a regional reach without having to spend their valuable time in the car driving between branch offices. Automated IT financial management makes employees more efficient. Remote systems are proactively maintained and business staff has reliable access to the tools and information they need to service customers. It also helps track hardware and software inventory, thereby reducing redundant expenditures and allowing financial institutions to get a better hold over its software licensing strategy.

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