WEBINAR REPLAY: Determining Optimal Margins for your Managed Service Offerings

Webinar - Determining Optimal Margins for your Service Offerings

WEBINAR REPLAY:  MSP Pricing Tips – Determining Optimal Margins for Your Service Offerings (originally aired March 2012)

Led by MSP pricing expert Erick Simpson of MSP University, this webinar presented key MSP pricing tips to achieve optimal margins as part of an MSP service delivery offering.

As a sneak peak of the session, Erick’s presentation on determining optimal IT managed service margins covered:

  1.  An introduction to key pricing factors
  2. How to define – and calculate – labor cost
  3. How to define – and calculate – overhead cost
  4. How to use these data to optimize profits
  5. How to use these data to grow your business

In a further peak, the following is a short summary of Erick’s content, including a summary of cost items and why they are key to understanding his MSP pricing tips:

  1.  Labor – Erick describes how to determine your true labor costs and tells you why it includes items such as compensation, FICA, FUTA, SUTA , Disability, PTO, and so much more
  2. Overhead – Hear how to to calculate your billable staff’s total labor burden, your organization’s total overhead burden, and how (and why) to account for productivity
  3. Pricing for Profit Maximization – Simpson shares how use several types of blended cost strategies, including T&M, per project, and per managed service
  4. Pricing to Win More Customers – Erick gives samples of different pricing strategies, including T&M billing, per project billing, and managed service billing, and why (and when) they can be used effectively

To hear the entire session, register and listen to the recording at you own pace, on your own time.  By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to create a more effective MSP marketing plan that helps you win more customers.

Let us know what you think.  And feel free to pass it along.  If you liked it and want more, check out our upcoming webinars (andarchived ones, too).

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