Automated IT Management for Healthcare Teams of all Sizes

Many healthcare organizations are currently working to improve patient care by reducing reliance on paper records. Digitizing paper records can streamline IT management healthcare services while reducing the possibility of human error caused by handwriting or clerical mistakes. But then system availability becomes even more crucial to the ongoing operations of a digitized healthcare facility.

As an IT management healthcare professional, you bear the responsibility for ensuring that IT assets are secure, protected and always available. Up-to-date and uninterrupted access to healthcare IT resources is critical  and could literally make a life or death difference. The task of supporting a distributed network of devices and ensuring systems are available when needed falls on a typically small IT staff. The team must manage a server environment that runs the organization’s support systems and medical applications, including a management information system.

New systems being installed by healthcare facilities track all patients from when they walk in the door until they are discharged hours, even days later. These applications know exactly what department they’re in, what tests have been run, the results of those tests and any prescriptions written. All doctors, nurses, pharmacists and assistants rely on these systems every day to provide services to patients.

These new IT management healthcare systems and applications result in ever increasing demands on your IT department. How will you respond to additional responsibilities with limited resources? Patients, medical staff and hospital administrators depend on you to deliver services across multiple locations. How will you do it all AND be innovative at the same time? If you’re busy patching, fixing and updating, it’s nearly impossible to focus on innovations.

What if you could minimize the challenges of maintaining HIPAA compliance by automating IT tasks, efficiently manage hundreds of distributed devices through one interface, saving time, hassle, money and resources and increase the overall security of your entire IT environment? Well, you can!  To gain better visibility into a distributed environment and to improve application availability, you can deploy a remote and automatic systems management solution. That solution can provide a central management console to control distributed workstations, maintain their health and ensure that they’re updated with necessary software revisions and security patches.

From remote access to remote support to complete automation, see how IT management healthcare departments of all sizes are using an integrated solution to cure IT service delivery.

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