Automation: The Smarter Approach to Healthcare IT Solutions

When healthcare organizations automate existing IT systems, the benefits realized range from reduced downtime and increased productivity to cost reductions and improved user satisfaction. These benefits just aren’t attainable with a manual healthcare IT management strategy that requires dealing with patches, security issues and software upgrades on a one-off basis. By leveraging computer automation platforms, healthcare organizations can establish clear IT policies and exceptions and sleep well knowing that those rules will always be followed… automatically.

The race to technology has resulted in a highly fragmented IT system for many medical environments, where computer patches, security and other day-to-day maintenance tasks are approached from different angles. The resulting manual maintenance of distributed healthcare IT solutions opens up organizations to human error, non-compliance and other risks. Enter IT automation – time-consuming administration, monitoring and helpdesks that eat up an organization’s IT resources are handled by the technology platform, which runs in the background and requires little or no human intervention.

Equipment and software management consume large amounts of time and resources. PC management alone is a major cost issue for healthcare organizations. Healthcare IT professionals must spend time maintaining networks and servers, managing updates, patches and break-fix issues for end-users. According to Forrester, 75 percent of a typical IT budget is spent on simply maintaining existing IT operations.

To get the most out of computer automation initiatives, healthcare organizations must take a step back, assess current IT environments, adjust as needed and make important decisions regarding the future of their IT infrastructures. Automated healthcare IT solutions are the best choice for breadth and depth of services, plus proven success in the healthcare industry. Regardless of the size of your organization or how widespread your network deployment, you can experience the rewards in higher operational productivity and improved service levels.

By implementing a comprehensive and integrated healthcare IT solution with the power, flexibility and scalability to meet your needs today and tomorrow, automation enables a proactive approach to improved operations and end-user satisfaction. Yes… complete IT automation is possible for healthcare organizations!

Is it time your healthcare organization had a checkup? See how healthcare enterprises are using automated and integrated healthcare IT solutions to cure IT service delivery.

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